Bobbo Byrnes Press Release, April 2018

Bobbo Byrnes is not a musician who remains still very long. Between The Fallen Stars, Riddle and The Stars, and solo performances, Byrnes plays about 150 shows every year. That being the case, it's no surprise that from Billerica to Berlin, his songs are born from a life on the road. You need look no farther than "Heart like Mine", in which he explores the theme by singing about the roads that take him from show to show. 

Two Sides to This Town is an album that is a product of Byrnes' busy touring schedule. However not all of the songs are road songs. "Angelia" is a contemplative song, and the one from which the album takes its title. "Angelia, is the spark, the kick in the ass that makes you get up and do something. It's a song about the muse that inspires you to look beyond your own front yard and be a better version of yourself."

Seeking is another common theme on this album, whether the object of the search is answers to a division of people, a car that doesn't break down all the time, or simply the next show. With Byrnes the search for the next show is constant, which is a good thing because it means he'll continue to write and record heartfelt songs like the ones on this album.

Bobbo will be on tour in Texas in March, 2019, Arizona in April 2019, California in May 2019, U.K. in June, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic in July and August 2019, East coast of the U.S. in November and Australia in December 2019.  


"Bobbo Byrnes has long proven himself as a key voice on the international Americana scene. On his new solo album “Motel Americana”, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist continues to successfully explore roots rock and alt-country, focusing on the slightly quieter and more nuanced regions of Americana." ~ Robert Kinsler, Desert Star Weekly

“Hold Me' betrays an incredible sense of empathy within its lamentful leanings - Bobbo Byrnes has a sure sense of today's misplaced sensibilities and offers an ingenius remedy.”  Americana Song of the Month - The Akademia Awards

"Bobbo Byrnes is becoming one of the hardest working musicians in the Americana community, and his first solo album is further proof of his abilities.  Motel Americana is a definite Get It if you love great music."  ~ LA Music Critic

"I really enjoyed the new album by Bobbo Byrnes, the charm of his voice on these catching melodies that give the feeling that we already know all these good songs... A very efficient country rock album... The perfect disc for the coming summer... I will air tracks 2, 3, 4, 7, 10...
Merci"  ~ Radio ISA, FM France.

"The multi-faceted voice and the skillful guitar playing of the musician provide for a lot of variety and take the listeners from the beginning with the journey. Time added, with the Bottleneck: Byrnes only uses effects when they are really necessary, otherwise his guitar is enough. Or rather, his guitars, because the singer-songwriter always drags several." ~ NWZOnline  (translated from the German)


"Singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Bobbo Byrnes of The Fallen Stars and Riddle & The stars delivers plain spoken, heart felt tales of love, life and day to day existence in his new CD release Motel Americana with remarkable clarity. He’s the man you meet at the small town lunch counter that freely shares his colorful stories of this and that. Only difference is, Bobbo puts his earthy stories to music for all the world to hear much like Steve Earle and Willie Nelson have over the years. 

Motel Americana features a familiar cast of players that have appeared on past Byrnes recordings that include singer-bassist Tracy Byrnes, singer Ben Riddle, cajon kit player Matt Froehlich, drummer Brandon Allen, violinist Geo Hennessey, B3 organist Rami Jaffee and slide guitarist Travis King, all who bring their respective gifts to this well crafted project. 

Songs of particular note include the pensive “To Her Door,” the radio friendly (and our favorite) “APB,” the reflective “Hate This Town,” the resonator fueled centerpiece “Millsboro,” and the raucous electric Americana rocker “1, 2, 3.”  Motel Americana is a well conceived album worthy of repeated listening. Good stuff!"  ~ Metronome Magazine

"Blending rock-and-roll energy, country-flavored instrumentation and folk-inspired story-telling, Byrnes has carved out a niche in the Southern California music scene. " ~ The Lowell Sun



"Americana Song of the Month" ~ The Akademia

"Best Live Band 2015" ~ OC Weekly (with The Fallen Stars)

"Best Country/Americana Band" ~ OC Music Awards (with The Fallen Stars)