It only takes a cursory listen to ‘Two Sides To This Town’ to recognize the fact that an important and essential new artist has indeed arrived.”

~Goldmine Magazine (January 2019)

The Bobbo Society For The Arts & Letters

Back in California 

I didn't do a great job of keeping my online Tour Diary on the website. Sorry. While traveling, wifi wasn't always great and you know - sleep is important. 

Anyhoo - I'm back home in California and updating stuff. Realizing my show dates aren't all up on the site and needing to update that as well. 

In the meantime I've had a pair of great write ups that I'd like to share with you. The first is from the OC Weekly and the second is from ZT Amplifiers who have made me their Featured Artist for the month…

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Upcoming Shows

 Saturday, October 12
Schmude House Concert
Irvine, CA

Monday, October 14
Beach Hut Deli Open Mic
Guest Hosting

Saturday, October 19
Gram Parsons Appreciation Night
PCH Club, Huntington Beach, CA

Tuesday, October 22
Durty Nelly's
Acoustic Brew

Saturday, October 26
Beach Hut Deli
w/ Boris Bengin and Mike Jacoby

Thursday, November 7
The Buren
Cambridge, MA
w/ Sonny Mone

Friday, November 8
Strong Style Coffee
13 Cushing St, Fitchburg, MA
w/ Brian Lavery

Saturday, November 9
Black Rock Yacht Club
Bridgeport, CT
w/ Sonny Mone

Sunday, November 10
The Hearing Room 
Featured Performer
2-5 pm

Monday, November 11
J's Tavern
Milford, NH

Saturday, November 16
WCAP Radio - Lowell, MA
On Air Interview and performance

Saturday, November 17
Milford, NH
w/ Sonny Mone




Want to hear my new album?  Click the pic and go listen!

Want to hear my new album? Click the pic and go listen!

"At that point, however, opener "Angelia" hits everything: that is pure Mellencamp-in-a-pondering-town: how things are going in the US today: everyone and everything seems to be divided and nobody is sure of anything, except for your own Big Equal. Someone had to say it clearly and that is what Bobbo Byrnes does, albeit that this record is absolutely not a political pamphlet. No, this is particularly good, sturdy, contemporary Americana, particularly suitable for long, preferably nocturnal, car journeys!"

Nice Things People Have Said About Me

"The Best Kick-Ass Heartbreakin’ Alt. Country Rock LA Has To Offer." ~ Rocking Magpie

"Follows the musical storytelling tradition of Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle and Gram Parsons." ~

“Bobbo writes deeply affecting material and it is delivered with an authenticity that is exhilarating. Even on disc, his blend of roots, rock, country, folk and pop is delivered with the wallop of The Clash” ~ Orange County Register

"While Byrnes has his own strong artistic voice (which includes his stellar skills on guitar, mandolin and keyboards), his songs and passion will appeal to fans of Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Dawes and John Mellencamp. That is some good company to be sure." ~ Rock'n'Roll Truth

“The whole thing is held together by the unobtrusive singing of the sympathetic artist, who feels comfortable with this multi-faceted mixture of country rock, and roots. Singer / Songwriter-Americana, who does not need a Plan B.” ~ Country Jukebox (translated from German)

“Hold Me' betrays an incredible sense of empathy within its lamentful leanings - Bobbo Byrnes has a sure sense of today's misplaced sensibilities and offers an ingenius remedy.” ~ The Akademia "Americana Song of the Month" July 2017.

"Bobbo Byrnes is becoming one of the hardest working musicians in the Americana community, and his first solo album is further proof of his abilities.  Motel Americana is a definite Get It if you love great music."  ~ LA Music Critic

"I really enjoyed the new album by Bobbo Byrnes, the charm of his voice on these catching melodies that give the feeling that we already know all these good songs... A very efficient country rock album... The perfect disc for the coming summer... I will air tracks 2, 3, 4, 7, 10...
Merci"  ~ Radio ISA, FM France.

"The multi-faceted voice and the skillful guitar playing of the musician provide for a lot of variety and take the listeners from the beginning with the journey. Time added, with the Bottleneck: Byrnes only uses effects when they are really necessary, otherwise his guitar is enough. Or rather, his guitars, because the singer-songwriter always drags several." ~ NWZOnline  (translated from the German)