March 29, 2017

Tour Dates for the remainder of the year (so far)

April 12 - Beatnik Bandito Music Emporium, Santa Ana, CA 
April 15 - Beach Hut Deli, Huntington Beach, CA 
April 22 - The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA (with…


March 27, 2017

So I just stumbled upon this review of a show we did in November.  Thanks John for the nice words.


March 15, 2017

Hey, you might have noticed there's not a lot of shows posted on my site right now - rest assured, it's not because we don't have any booked - it's because I'm looking into calendar options for the site to…


March 10, 2017

Hey!  So this one is kind of last minute.  I've been so busy prepping that I forgot to send out an email blast about our show this weekend.  And before I forget - thank you so much for hanging out…


January 4, 2017

Hey!  So it's been a while since I've written.  Sorry about that.  Life, you know?  First it was Europe and then I drove from Massachusetts to California with my Mom (playing shows across the way of course!) and then it…


Friday, November 25, 2016

Hey Everyone! 

So, it's been a little quiet here for a bit - I was driving across country with my Mom and played a couple shows on the way across in New Hampshire, Florida and Texas.  We had an…


Full Tour Diary from September-October 2016


Started the day at the Brandenburg Gate and doing some touristy things then I made my way over to Budde Music Publishing. It was really nice to put a face to the names on our…


October 17th


That's German for good day, good morning or something.  Like all things - it's very similar but still quite different.   

We're still a couple weeks away from being back in the states but I wanted…


Tour Diary Month of September

My good buddy Boris took all my FB tour diary and put them in an easily readable folder here.  If you want to read all these and see the pictures that go along with them - just go to 


August 20, 2016

Come on out today to Costa Mesa!

760 Newton Way

VW Camper Vans, Little Miss Sunshine and us!

We play at 6 pm.  Movie at 8 pm.

See you there!

July 21, 2016

I got a bunch of stuff going right now.  OH, wait - BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out and saw us at the OC Fair.  That was way fun.  It was interesting, Tracy Brandon and I hadn't played…


July 14, 2016

So what the hell has been going on for the past month?  No shows, no emails - it's like we abandoned you. 

No, that's not it. 

We had a real shit month.  We went back to visit family…