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The Fallen Stars are an Americana Rock band from Southern California that believes a good story can break your heart and a driving guitar riff can put it back together again, all in the space of a three minute song.

"Listen to the Fallen Stars' Americana, and you hear a great, rollicking band. But see them live, and it's the difference between Elvis in the studio and early 1970s Elvis, when he was starting shows with "Also Sprach Zarathustra," then owning crowds with just a sneer of the lip. Don't believe us? Catch them live and find out for yourself."
~OC Weekly Best Live Band 2015

Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows 2018:

January 19, 2018
Bogart's Coffee
905 Ocean Ave, Seal Beach, CA 
7:30-9:30 pm

January 25, 2018
The Coach House
(Bobbo Solo)
Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Opening for David Wilcox

January 27, 2018
Tony's Original Deli & Bottle Shop
Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA

February 3, 2018
Hellada Gallery/Long Beach Art Walk
117 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 
8-11 pm

February 17, 2018
Private House Concert
Pomona, CA

February 24, 2018
Tony's Original Deli & Bottle Shop
Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA

March 24, 2018
Tony's Original Deli & Bottle Shop
Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA

March 31, 2018
Beach Hut Deli
Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA
7-10 pm

May 19- June 2
UK and Ireland Tour

May 25, 2018
Bar Rakkuda
Plymouth, UK
w/ Peter Crawford

June 3-August 31
Germany, Austria, Netherlands Tour

June 5, 2018
Hamburg, Germany

November, 2018
Australian Tour




Best Live Band
OC Weekly Best Of 2015

Best Country/Americana Band
LA Music Critic Awards

Best Country/Americana Band
Best Live Acoustic Band
Orange County Music Awards Winner

Best Live Rock Band
Best Live Acoustic Band
SoCal Live Music Competition

Best USA
Toronto Independent Music Awards Nominee

Best Rock
Southern Australian Music Awards Nominee

"Top Ten Indie/Unsigned Release of the Year"
~Los Angeles Music Examiner

"Top Prospect of the Year"
~Music Connection Magazine

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Bobbo's new "solo" album
"Motel Americana" is out now!

Latest News

Tour Diary Day 5, May 28, 2017  

I should’ve started this earlier, I’m beat tired and so much good stuff happened today. 

Now I know Pete woke me up early this morning (10 am) but I can’t remember why. We did something today, was it today that we worked on recording stuff? I think it was. Pete’s band, Jakku Dogs, is working on a new recording and we dove into some of the tracks and it really makes me feel useful to be able to assist with mixing and give some recording tips. Recording and mixing are one of those things that I feel that no…

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Tour Diary Day 4, May 27, 2017  

Tour Diary Day 4, May 27, 2017 

It’s Saturday! 

I say that to remind myself, it doesn’t take long to lose track of what day it is - these Tour Diaries help. 

Today we have two gigs and before we go Pete tells me where getting a proper Pasty. I told him I had one the other day and he said “what was in it?” I said “butter chicken.” “That’s not a Pasty.” So today we’re getting a real one. 

I do really love regional food. It’s like when I go to Massachusetts and someone says “we have a great new Mexican…

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Tour Diary Day 3, May 26, 2017  

Tour Diary Day 3, May 26, 2017 

I lied.   

Nothing big but I brought more socks and underwear on tour then I let on.  There’s the set I was wearing and then the emergency set in my carry on so all told I have 7 pair of underwear and 8 pair of socks.   

Why is this important? 

Because today was a NEW SOCKS DAY!  (NSD™)  It’s like pillows for my feet walking around in brand new socks and underwear. 

And a good thing too - I did a bit of walking.  Not “a bit of walking” in the Roman sense* but I probably…

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Tour Diary Day 2, May 25, 2017  

I slept for 11 hours last night.    

I’m staying in Saltash with Peter and Annalisa Crawford. I met Peter on a Songs & Whispers tour a few years back and we’ve stayed in touch through the wonders of the interwebs and they are really lovely people. He has set up all the shows here in the Cornwall area.    

I felt bad sleeping so long today but they were really understanding and kept the dog and cat out of the room I’m staying in. It’s an air mattress bed but I could’ve been sleeping on stone last night and…

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Tour Diary Day 1, May 24, 2017  

Norweigan Airlines. That was the quietest flight I’ve ever been on. I was able to get some sleep and everything.* 

Landed in London, small wait at Customs as they checked my paperwork out - Yes, I planned ahead and got my Tier 5 Sponsorship for musician coming into the country to play music - but it is still a disconcerting feeling when they take you to a sectioned off area and tell you to wait there and then they disappear with your passport.  You end up with that feeling of “I know I did everything…

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Welcome Browncoats!

Are you a fan of Firefly? Then you'll love our new music project, Leaves on the Wind! Our goal is to write a brand new original song based on each episode of the tv series Firefly, plus the feature film Serenity. Fifteen songs in all - just right for a trilogy of EPs! Keep an eye on our Browncoats page to follow our progress!
 Leaves on the Wind, Original songs inspired by Firefly

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