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The Fallen Stars are an Americana Rock band from Southern California that believes a good story can break your heart and a driving guitar riff can put it back together again, all in the space of a three minute song.

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Are you a fan of Firefly? Then you'll love our new music project, Leaves on the Wind! Our goal is to write a brand new original song based on each episode of the tv series Firefly, plus the feature film Serenity. Fifteen songs in all - just right for a trilogy of EPs! Keep an eye on our Browncoats page to follow our progress!
 Leaves on the Wind, Original songs inspired by Firefly

Some new stuff 

Hey Folks!

Tracy and I played a couple of shows recently and recorded them.  Thought we'd share a couple of tracks in video form.

Hope you dig!

Tuesday Feb 9, 2015 

So what's new?

Well, we had planned a little time off from shows but some good stuff came up and we really miss playing!  

Oh yeah!  Our second Firefly CD "Leaves On The Wind Vol 2; No power in the 'verse can stop me"* is done!  We'll be getting cds of it real soon, just have to finish up the artwork.  So excited to share it.  We're also excited that we are going to be doing the Sending a Wave podcast.  They are based in the UK and have been really supportive of us. We've also become a global sponsor for the… Read more

Sally Starr, RIP 

Truthfully I didn't know who Sally Starr was until my friend Speedy Gray penned some lyrics for a song we were working on.  I immediately was drawn to the name and the words just sang out to me and I turned it into the chorus of a song.  More research about her led to an understanding of her legend in the Delaware Valley and how she was the first female top rated DJ, worked in movies and children's shows.  

Her catch phrase "I hope you feel as good as you look 'cause you sure look good to your gal Sal" was… Read more

We made the Music News Nashville! 

Dig that!  Getting nice press for "Way Out West"!

Have you seen our new hockey jersey? 

Over on our Shop page - we have a great new Hockey Jersey design!  I think it's pretty rad and hopefully you will too.

We're only offering it for a limited time so if you dig it, please order it now.  Orders close on January 17th so I can order them all from the manufacturer.

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Hot Adult Contemporary Artist
2012 Los Angeles Music Award Nominee

Best Male Artist
2011 SoCal Live Music Competition Nominee

"Top Ten Indie/Unsigned Release of the Year"
~Los Angeles Music Examiner

"Top Prospect of the Year"
~Music Connection Magazine

Best Country/Americana
2009 Orange County Music Awards Winner
2010-2012 Orange County Music Awards Nominee

Best Live Rock Band
Best Live Acoustic Band
2009 SoCal Live Music Competition

Best Live Acoustic Band
2008 Orange County Music Awards

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